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The rubber bracelet that Tao was wearing today is from the non-profit charity organisation Heeum -  which supports and looks after elderly ladies to used to be comfort women during the war. (Comfort women are women and girls who were forced into sexual slavery by Japanese Imperial Army during WW2)

On the bracelet it says ‘blooming their hopes with you’. 

As a form of Tao’s birthday support, the Korean fans donated to Heeum under Tao’s name. Tao has always expressed that he hope HL can support him through charity work.

Tao wearing the bracelet shows his love and support to the grannies, and also a sign of respect to women. Every life is equally meaningful, please always keep hope in your heart. 

cr: 66小啤酒

if ZE:A meet cute baby


[what a lucky baby! DX *flip table* DDX]

'one bite for papa~~ one bite for me~~'


'papa i'm thirsty~~'


'papa have to eat more~~'image

'Kwanghee papa kissed me~ >.<'image

'my cheeks~~ >.<'


'playing with Taehun papa, Heechul papa and DJ papa~'


'Heechul papa keep pulling my cheeks~ >.<'image

seeing those fancams ZE:A with baby make me wonder about “ZE:A Hello Baby” ? pleaaaaaasseeeeeee~~ ;333;

[kwanghee moments are the sweetest one >.<)b kwanghee jjang jjang jjang! he really loves babies and kids~]

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